We at Universal management accounting Incorporated are here to solve your tax problems, we provide reliable accounting services and help manage your taxes! Not only that, but we are not the usual hit and run type of a company, we stick with you, help you throughout the year to keep your taxes in check, we also take you through the process of installment agreements in case of IRS Problems. Our company takes pride in the loyalty towards our clients, we are not a service, we are a lifestyle. President: Our President, Laura R. Santana is a highly educated individual who has a degree in Accounting from the University of Gwinnett Technical College. Miss Santana does not believe that you can learn everything all at once and she likes to spread the idea of retaining new knowledge as well as never letting the old die. Her staff are joined at the National Association of Tax professions by her so that she can stay up to date on the new facts and figures, so that she can make the best decisions when it comes to her clients Taxes.

Featured Services

Corporate Tax

Corporate tax is reserved for the bigger businesses, this is more of a direct tax that is implemented on the capital earned by a company and it looks deeper into...

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Having a hard time keeping up with the payrolls for your company employees and the Tax report is around the corner? Fear not, our company helps you keep the payrolls...

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Personal Income Tax

There are many things that can go wrong while paying taxes and we are here to ensure that they don’t! We help you with the full process of paying Personal...

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At first I didn’t believe they would be much help, I had problems doing my taxes and needed a lot of help, but thank goodness! They solved all my problems and helped me through the whole process!

Angelina McCain

I was actually quite intimidated by the fact that they were communicating in two different languages, I thought they may make a mistake in translation, but I was so wrong! They did an amazing job! I’m done with my taxes and I’m definitely going to refer them.

Julia Resaec
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