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Corporate Tax

Corporate tax is reserved for the bigger businesses, this is more of a direct tax that is implemented on the capital earned by a company and it looks deeper into the corporations dealing, it is quite easy to mess up corporate finances but not with Universal Management accounting Inc. they do your work for you and make doing taxes look easy, they go through your finances and calculate what you owe and help you come up with plan to pay it in case you need the help!

Corporate tax is normally notorious for finance and tax fraud, many people believe they can evade the system and that is barely possible, corporate tax laws are much stricter than personal tax, which means they are harder to do since the IRS is stricter on these, it’s best to get help. The universal Management Accounting Inc. is one of the most reliable choices when you need someone to do your taxes for you, they work through the whole process with you and make a detailed account to help you with your corporate tax.

Myths about Tax

Many people believe that filing for bankruptcy will save you from paying the tax, but that is simply not true, it is not possible to evade the tax liability in normal cases, the debt will probably follow you even through the bankruptcy, but what’s good is that we can help you with certain conditions you need to meet to lower your debt or get it completely removed.

IRS debt Settlement

Although not always possible but in many cases it is likely that you can get a debt settlement, if you cannot pay the full debt there are forms we can help you fill with your financial statements to get a lower settlement on your debts from the IRS.