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General Liability Audit & Worker Compensation Audit

General Liability Audit

Normally General Liability Audit protects you from many problems that may occur, such as protecting You, your company and company employees from claims of Bodily injury as well as Property damage claims, usually that sounds good, but it’s actually very hard to maintain the General Liability Audit, they look at the predictable revenue as well as the expenditure of your company in the coming year and this is done by going through your ledger and account books so that the prediction can be accurate, at the end of the year if the expenditure is higher than expected than you are compensated but if it’s lower you are charged and in most cases people are charged, We at the Universal Management Accounting Inc. are here for you and to make your expenditure prediction as accurate as possible, so that you don’t have to pay an unseemly amount to the insurers.

These Audits can be done by the insurer or a privately hired Company and they are double checked by the insurer, in most cases the insurer does not pay if the expenditures are low they only believe in the upwards negotiations, they only take and that is something you need to ask your insurer before you sign up with them, that and it’s best to stay up to date with the auditor and keep your accounts in balance and we help you do that at Universal Management Accounting Inc.

Worker Compensation Audit

The Workers Compensation Audit is an extra layer of protection to keep your company safe in case of any worker injuries, they are compensated by the insurance companies, in some cases before they go to court. These companies try not to face a trial and come into the media attention, but the upkeep of a Worker Comp audit is not easy work, the calculation of what you need to pay annually is not an easy job, so that’s why. We at Universal Managing Accounting Inc. will get you the exact amount you need to pay, looking through your records and through your financial statement to help you.

WC Audit

Worker comp is an essential for big company orders, it’s a safe space to fall on in case of any bodily injury that can happen to the worker with them resulting in suing you, WC helps you settle that without a problem. The problem comes at the time of the Audit as most dread it, many people find it hard to calculate their Audit payment amount and that is what we, the Universal Management Accounting Inc. are the best choice to help you with your Audit accounts as we have the experience and qualifications you need.