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Personal Income Tax

There are many things that can go wrong while paying taxes and we are here to ensure that they don’t! We help you with the full process of paying Personal income tax and sorting it out before you accumulate any debts. Universal Management Accounting Inc. is one of the best choices for any type of tax or finance problem that you may have, we also help you with IRS problems that maybe looming over your head.

IRS Installment agreement

Are you late on your personal income tax? Do you need a solution that will help you pay your looming tax debt at a good pace? Well fare not, we at Universal Management Accounting Inc. are here to solve your problems by sorting out an agreement with the IRS this helps you take a slower pace as you return the money and can keep you from the verge of Bankruptcy!

Debt Settlement

In case you are in dire trouble and can’t repay the taxes to the IRS, there are ways to get a settlement, our company can try to help you get a lower debt as a settlement resolve.

Bankruptcy and Taxes

Many people believe that Filing for Bankruptcy can save you from owing taxes to the IRS, which in most cases in not true, Tax liability is not deterred by the Bankruptcy claim in most cases, but we at Universal Management Accounting Inc. will help you meet certain conditions that may get your debt terminated or lessened!