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Power Letters

The Letter of Authorization in layman’s terms is a letter or document that transfers some of the decision making powers of a person to another person, called the Agent by a person known as the principal to share the responsibilities, the agent of the document can make decisions on behalf of the Principals and share the burden. We at Universal Management Accounting Inc. offer the best services to get you a clear letter of Authorization.

Letter of Attorney is easily defined as the document that grants a high power to another person to manage your assets, money and accounts, not only that but it can also be the company or firm or shares that you have, the limitations can be sorted out by both the Principal and the Agent. You need to be careful with the document and we are just what you need, Universal Management Accounting Inc. is thorough and well versed in the department of The Letter of Attorney.

The authority of Letter of Authorization is limited but shared as the Principal, the person who has signed the letter of authorization, is responsible for the decisions made by the agent or their mistakes as well. This is not too high stakes as the power shared has limits, but it is not too binding. The Agent can make reservations for the principle, borrow money in his name or even make business negotiations on the behalf of the Principal, which is intended to share the Principals burdens.

The Authority of the Letter of Attorney is highly complicated and extremely fragile, the limitations need to be decided and have to be clear and to the point so no person can misuse your assets and the best way to do that is finding a reliable company to do it for you, in this case Universal Management Accounting Inc.

The Text

We at Universal Management Accounting Inc. make sure you be clear in our text about what the responsibilities of the Agent are and what the Principal wants and does not want, they are some of the most complex to write as the sharing of power is a delicate matter. We make sure to double check our Power Letters.

No Loopholes

We make sure that the text of the letter of Authorization has no loopholes in any directions or no party can come after the other due to the written agreement, the rules are clear and to the point without any hidden meaning or voids.