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Sales Tax

Sales taxes are a slippery slope, not because they are particularly hard, but because you can lack a small amount of information and do something wrong which can cost a lot, especially if it’s the IRS that catches the mistake because they hardly believe in mistakes. We at Universal Management Accounting Inc. are here to make your Sales tax go as smoothly as possible without mistake.

Many Ecommerce businesses as well as the smaller retailers have a hard time understanding and keeping up with the sales tax, It’s fairly easy if you are only selling in One state, but if you use many sites and sell to many states, that means you would need to be more careful with your sales tax collection.


If you do a business in another state than the one you are residing in, it’s best to read up about the Nexus or just let us handle it for you, Nexus is the sales tax you need to collect off your items sold in the state in question. This is tricky because each state has its own law for sales tax and their own method. Universal Management Accounting Inc. gives you the most authentic and best services in the regards of sales tax and businesses in other states.

Sale tax permit

Sale tax permits are important if you want to sell in another state that your business is not founded in, a problem in sales tax permit can cause serious problems when time comes to pay your taxes or well return the sales tax to the state, it’s highly important to be careful. We help you get your sales tax permit without a problem! We at Universal Management Accounting Inc. know just what works and how to keep your dealings clean and good to go.